Ever since leaving Durango, it’s been challenging continuing on to my next destination. I’ve been on the road for 46 days now and I keep fighting the urge to start making my way back home. But once I arrive at the new town or city, I’m grateful I pushed through those urges and persevered because that’s one more place and experience I’ve had on this journey. I don’t think it’s so much a feeling of loneliness that is causing this because I generally fair well with being alone and doing things by myself, but it’s more the sense of normalcy that I often find myself craving. I’ve most enjoyed my time in Zion, Moab, and Telluride because I had spent the better part of a week in each of those places. I got to know the area and had found my favorite places to shop for groceries or grab some coffee or a snack. Having Mike come out to visit me in Denver makes the thought of continuing on even harder. There are so many little adventures I want to be able to do with him when I get back while there is still a summer in Seattle.

The good news is that I’ve pretty much seen all the major points of interest that were at the top of my list with the exception of a couple places in South Dakota which I’m now making my way towards. So, everything else along the way is just a bonus!

And in all honesty, even though I’ve found little towns and places along the way that I’ve fallen in love with, they’ve got nothing on Seattle 🙂

4 thoughts on “Homesick

  1. We miss you too. Hurry back, we’re riding Hansen Ridge this weekend as a campout. Should be be filled with plenty of mishaps, rookies.-Rachel


    1. Man, I’m SO jealous. I ended up buying a camping hammock in Denver and now I’m all excited to go do a biking/camping excursion. You’ll have to do another one with me when I get back 🙂 Btw, would you guys be interested in meeting up with me somewhere in WA while on my way back to do some sort of weekend bike trip? 410 area? Wenatchee? Something else?


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