South Dakota, at Last!

To get to my destination in South Dakota, I drove north into Wyoming where I was met with strong winds and rolling prairies, as far as the eye could see. I stopped at Guernsey State Park for the night, and for the first time, I had the entire place to myself. That evening, a storm rolled through with winds so strong I seriously thought we’d get blown over… or at least kitty would. I was tempted to stay another night since it was so peaceful, but I was too eager to get to South Dakota. The next morning, I packed up and drove the remaining 155 miles to Custer, SD.

I went to Custer with the intention of riding a mountain bike trail in Custer State Park, but whoever said it was a mountain bike trail lied. So, I put my bike away when I realized I wouldn’t be doing any riding that day and set out on foot until I heard something rustling and making what sounded like huffing noises in the trees just ahead of me. So, I turned around again and went straight back to the RV. I spent the rest of the morning spotting wildlife.

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