Trim and Moulding

Now we were getting into the nitty-gritty, and the days of rough carpentry were over.

Once all the flooring was installed, we started the finicky detail work of trim and moulding for the walls and windows. It’s impressive how many hours you can spend at the lumber store comparing all the different options and prices. It is equally impressive how many hours it takes to cut and install said items. Completing this part of the project took about forty-five hours which included an initial three-hour trip to the lumber store to price out our options.

The precision in this kind of detailed work takes patience and dedication. It would be so easy to do a shoddy job, but half-ass isn’t in Mike’s vocabulary.


Cutting the first piece of trim for bedroom loft ceiling.
Mike planing the ceiling paneling so the two trim pieces come together evenly.
Since I stained the ceiling paneling, I had to stain the trim as well.
Halfway done with bedroom loft ceiling trim.
Ceiling trim completed.
More trim and window moulding done!
Trim in weird triangular area done.
Installing last piece of oak trim along bedroom loft floor.
Window trim and moulding done.
Trim around the exposed beams. An absolute nightmare!